St John the Baptist, Cookham Dean

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Burial and Interment in Cookham Dean Churchyard

The following applies equally to burials and interment of ashes:

The churchyard at St. John the Baptist Church, Cookham Dean is a finite resource and the Eligibility Rules below must be read with due recognition of this fact.

Eligibility Rules

  1. All parishioners (i.e. those living within the Parish of Cookham Dean), non-parishioners whose names appear on the Church Electoral Roll at the time of death, and non-residents who die in the parish, have a legal right to burial in the churchyard. 
  2. For the burial of other non-parishioners, which may cover those who have lived here in the past or have had a very close connection with the Parish, the permission of the Incumbent and Churchwardens is required. 
  3. Those who have a family grave or ashes plot may also be accommodated where appropriate: eligibility to be buried in a family grave is restricted to immediate family members of the same generation as the first person buried in the grave, and members of the first generation following, always with the proviso that there is still space within the same plot.