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We run a weekly on line Bible Study sessions facilitated with the 'Zoom' application; each lasting a little over 35 minutes, on Wednesdays at 3pm. 

If you do not already have 'Zoom' on your computer it is easy to download and install for free - do not choose the chargeable option. It is very straight forward. When you have done this, you just need to wait until the scheduled time (actually do it a minute beforehand) and then click on the link below and follow the few, easy to interpret, instructions. It is very easy to use.  

 The format of the Bible Study will be as follows:

- Brief prayer to start

- Reading of the Gospel passage for the day taken from the Lectionary. 

- Discussion of what the passage says to us - how it resonates with us.  All inputs to this will be valid and respected but no one will be forced to comment if they feel uncomfortable.

- Read a respected commentary for this passage.  If time allows we may read two different commentaries from different 'church styles' perspectives. 

- Discuss how the commentaries compare with our thoughts

- Discuss how the passage speaks to us today.

- Prayer and blessing to end

If you would like to join we will need to send you a link so that you can access the meeting. Please email me if you haven't already received it. 

Fr David